FightTown Streetwear Co. Presents

NYC StreetBoxing Championships

All Grudge Matches
From Gym Wars, Ring Masters
& Olympics
Settled Once And For All!

NYC StreetBoxing Championships

Top fighters battle it out against their toughest opponent to settle all disputed decisions & unfinished business for a chance to turn pro.

In the amateurs, when you’re fighting your way up to the pros, if you get a bad decision, your opponent moves on and wins the tournament … and you get sent home early and empty handed … even if you’re the better fighter. You don’t get another fight to settle that dispute!

The NYC StreetBoxing Championships is the place you take your dispute and settle all unfinished business, to prove once and for all, in an all out war, who the best fighter is … and work for a chance to turn pro and have a fight career.

This star-studded event draws top boxing managers, promoters, tv executives, and major media, all watching to find the next potential boxing superstar, looking to discover and help develop them into world champion contenders.

The FightTown Experience

Come out and walk the red carpet, hang with your favorite World Champs, and mingle with your favorite celebrities who will be in attendance rooting on their favorite fighter.

Come join us on Fight Night! Every FightTown event is a party you won’t want to miss!

FightTown Lifestyle

Sponsored by FightTown Streetwear Co., the limited edition Streetwear brand works with each fighter to help them prepare for the pro style event by getting them ready to meet top boxing and TV executives, and learn how to do interviews, as they prepare for the biggest fight of their lives to date, as each hopes to move to the next level, and build their careers into world champion contenders.